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General Information


To: Parents/Guardians

From: Department of Athletics

Re: Parent Transportation Requests

Student-athletes are expected to return on the school bus after athletic competition. Student-athletes are not allowed to leave with their parents or anyone else. If there is a situation that absolutely warrants the need for a student-athlete to leave with their parents. The following procedure is to be followed.


  1. Student athlete needs to discuss the issue with the coach of that sport.

  2. After discussion the coach will approve or disapprove the request. All requests must be for valid reasons. Living nearby a competition site and not wanting to take the bus home is not acceptable.

  3. If approved by the coach the student-athlete is expected to submit the FMS Athletic Department Travel release Form filled out by the parent.

  4. The student-athlete will bring the travel release form to the Main Office at FMS for final approval from the Athletic Director or designee. Student-athlete is expected to return the final approval to the coach (note must state reason). No coach shall allow a student athlete to leave without seeing the athlete with the parent who is taking them.

  5. All requests must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance.


Thank you for your cooperation with this procedure.