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Travel Release


Travel Release


Student Name:


I understand that the Frelinghuysen Middle School Athletic rules require that students ride the buses to and from all athletic events and a departure from this requirement will release the 

Morris School District from all liability for any adverse results that may occur. 

I agree to release the Morris School District and its employees and officers from all liability with 

reference to the above stated transportation. 

Please note that this form must be updated at the start of every sports season. If there is an emergency change that needs to be made to the form, a new form must be filled out 

and provided to the Athletic Department 24 hours before, 

www certify that my child, (print name) 

(student's name) has permission to be signed out of sporting events from away games by the following parents/guardians listed below. I understand that my child must be signed out on the spreadsheet with the coach prior to leaving the premises of the sporting event. I have read the terms and conditions of the travel release form listed above. 


Signed Name Printed Phone Number 

Relationship to child 

In addition to the person listed above. I hereby request the Morris School District release 

my son/daughter into the care of the following people listed below: 

Relationship to child 

Name Printed Phone Number 

Name Printed 

Relationship to child 

Phone Number