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Travel Release

Travel Release Frelinghuysen Middle School, Athletic Department                                 Date:___________________________________

This is to certify that ___________________________________ has my permission to ride home from the      (Please print student’s name)__________________________________ event on ___________________ at ________________________

Sport ___________________________________     Date location_________________________________The reason for not riding the bus is _______________________________________________________

I certify that I am personally transporting the above named student/athlete       


I have arranged for transportation with an adult (non-student) of my choosing.*     

List the name of the adult to transport the student/athlete _______________________________________.

I understand that the Frelinghuysen Middle School Athletic rules require that students ride the buses to and from all athletic events and a departure from this requirement will release the Morris School District from all liability for any adverse results that may occur.

I agree to release the Morris School District and its employees and officers from all liability with reference to the above stated transportation.

This form must be on file in the Athletic Office 24 hours prior to the date of the competition.

Any Private transportation other than “From” an athletic event must be requested in writing, addressed to the Director of Athletics and approved 24 hours prior to the date of the competition.

Contact number of Parent/Guardian                               Signature of Parent /Guardian

___________________________________                                  __________________________________________