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At Frelinghuysen Middle School, the school counselor has a multitude of roles and responsibilities that include working with students, faculty and staff, administration, and parents. The school counselor promotes and encourages social, emotional, personal, and academic growth and development of all FMS students.

School counseling services are available to students via classroom lessons, small group, and when appropriate, individual short-term school based counseling. As part of the school district's support system, counselors collaborate and consult with parents, teachers and if necessary, district and community services to ensure the well-being of the individual student.

Incoming 6th graders, will be assigned to a House (House 1, House of the Phoenix, House 2, House of the Tiger, or House 3, House of the Dragon).  The House system enables teachers and counselors to work together by sharing students and collaborating to meet their needs. The House structure also facilitates making a large middle school building feel smaller and more connected. 

Each student will be assigned a counselor based on House placement and will remain with that counselor for the duration of their time at FMS. The FMS counselors contact information link