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PowerSchool & Canvas FAQ

FMS PowerSchool Parent Portal & Canvas FAQ

How is PowerSchool used at FMS? 
PowerSchool is the gradebook of record at FMS. All assignments, assessments, projects, etc. should be entered in PowerSchool for parents/guardians to view. 

What other information does the PowerSchool Parent Portal provide? 
Attendance, Email Notifications, Report Cards, Schedule view, Honor Roll, Teacher Comments, 

How were parent/guardian PowerSchool Parent Portal Usernames and Passwords distributed? 
During the summer mailing. Your username and PW was provided to you. 

Can I create an PowerSchool Parent Portal account or do I have to contact Guidance? 
You can absolutely also create an your PowerSchool Portal account. Please use the link below to access step-by-step directions. This information is also posted on the FMS website under “Parent Resources” and then “PowerSchool Portal.” Link: https://goo.gl/dQ9zRH 

If I forgot my PowerSchool Parent Portal password who should I contact? 
Jessica Mota, FMS Guidance Secretary. Jessica.Mota@msdk12.net

How does my child/children obtain access to the PowerSchool Portal view their grades?
Upon entering 6th grade, students are provided with their Username and Password. They work with their teacher to obtain access and learn how to navigate the portal. 

If my child/children forget their PowerSchool Portal Password or username, who should they contact? 
Students should visit the Guidance office and Jessica Mota, FMS Guidance Secretary, will be able to assist. 

Is there an app for that? 
Yes, there is an Apple and Android app for Powerschool. Please Download the PowerSchool Mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. District code: DQJJ, then enter the username and password.

 FMS Canvas FAQ




What is Canvas? 
Canvas is an LMS, a Learning Management System. Canvas is a way for  instructors plan, create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance.

How is information presented in Canvas? 
Information is presented in Modules. Modules house learning units, topics, weekly content, etc. 

How is this different from PowerSchool? 
PowerSchool gives you a picture of how your child/children are performing in all class. Canvas is where you can access the actual content that students are working on in class. You can view assignments, your child’s submissions, teacher feedback, results from Canvas quizzes, etc. 

Why don’t the grades match up in PowerSchool and Canvas? 
PowerSchool is the grade book of record at FMS. All assignments, assessments, projects, etc. should be entered in PowerSchool for parents/guardians to view. While the assignment names in Canvas will appear the same, the grade or record will be in PowerSchool not Canvas.

How do I create my Canvas Parent/Guardian Account? 
Canvas calls Parent/Guardian Accounts “Observers.”  You can create your account by using the mobile app or using a laptop/computer. When you register for an account, you will need to identify your name, email, and a password. In addition, the student(s) you want to “observe” need to provide you with a pairing code. Once you enter the pairing code, you will be “observing” your child/children. This information is also posted on the FMS website under “Parent Resources” and then “FMS Canvas.” Link: https://goo.gl/Zh4ovW 

How does my child/children generate a pairing code? 
Under Account (Image of a person on top left), then click Settings. Click the Pair with Observer button located on the right side of the page. Copy the six-digit alphanumeric pairing code. You child/children will need to share the code with the observer who will link to your account. The pairing code will expire after seven days or its first use.

Can I add more than one student to my Parent Canvas (Observer) Account? 
Yes. You will just need a pairing code generated for you by your child/children using the directions above. Once you have the pairing code, you just add the student by going to Account, Settings, and finally Observing. Type in the new pairing code and click the +Student button.

Who should I contact if I need further support with setting up my Canvas account or just have a question about Canvas? 

Please email Christine.Flanagan@msdk12.net, Technology Integration Specialist, at FMS.