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Digital Driver's License


Digital Driver's License

Why did FMS create a Digital Driver’s License?

“You need a driver's license to drive. You need a pilot's license to fly. Why don't you need a license to navigate digital technology?” (District Administration 2004, para.1). FMS created a Digital Driver’s License program so that students could learn how to make good and safe choices digitally.

The FMS Digital Driver’s Licenses ensures that students can demonstrate and apply responsibility, ownership, digital safety, and various digital citizenship skills. These skills are directly related to and aligned with the NJ CCCS Technology Standards, the International Society for Technology Education Student Standards, and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Standards.   

 The FMS Digital Driver’s License is a student-created online learning program that teaches Frelinghuysen Middle School students how to properly use technology, the Internet, and how to become a model digital citizen. Topics focus on the following: FMS and Acceptable Use, Care and Use of 1:1 Technology, Digital Safety, and Digital Citizenship. Each student works through various topics by watching videos, reading information, and answering questions correctly to earn his/her Digital Driver’s License. Once the Digital Driver’s License is earned, students will print out their license and bring it to school. “The merit of the driver's license metaphor is that it implies using technology is a privilege and not a right. There are rules to the road, and you must obey the law. Speed limits, stoplights and safety belts are part of being a good driver on the road. The same is true for navigating technology” (District Administration 2004, para.10).

 Within the Digital Driver's License online program, there are currently over 2,700 schools (that use the pre-created content by the program's developers) and over 100,000 active user accounts within the online program. FMS is the only school thus far that has built a custom digital driver's license within the online program.


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